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    What is Intragastric Balloon?

    An intragastric balloon is a weight loss procedure that involves placing a deflated balloon into the stomach through the mouth and then filling it with saline solution or gas. This procedure is typically performed on an outpatient basis and can help people lose weight by reducing the amount of food they can eat and increasing feelings of fullness.

    The balloon is left in place for about six months, during which time patients work with a healthcare team to make lifestyle changes such as adopting a healthy diet and increasing physical activity. After the six months, the balloon is removed and patients continue with lifestyle changes to maintain weight loss.

    Intragastric balloon is typically recommended for people with a body mass index (BMI) between 30 and 40 who have been unsuccessful with other weight loss methods. Like any medical procedure, there are potential risks and complications associated with intragastric balloon placement, and it is important to discuss these with a healthcare provider.

    With the aid of an endoscope, a silicon inflated balloon is placed into the stomach during this surgery. Depending on the patient’s stomach capacity and tolerance, the balloon is inflated with 400–700 cc of clear fluid.

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    intragastric balloon

    As a result, you feel fuller for longer and eat less, which helps you lose weight. The balloon can be left inside the stomach for six months to a year before needing to be removed; however, this bariatric operation is reversible.

    People with mild to moderate obesity who are not yet candidates for bariatric surgery may want to explore gastric ballooning, which has a varied weight loss effect ranging from 10 to 25 kg. Additionally, it can be made available to those seeking a transient and reversible remedy as well as those who are unable or unwilling to undergo surgery.

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