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    What is Sleeve Gastrectomy?

    Due to the numerous advantages it has over other treatments, gastric sleeve surgery has grown to be one of the most common bariatric procedures. Due to greater accessibility and affordability, gastric sleeve surgery has grown in popularity in India, drawing patients from both western and non-western nations.

    The sleeve gastrectomy is essentially an invasive weight loss procedure that reduces stomach size. Previously, this surgery was thought of as the preliminary step towards the more challenging technique known as bilio pancreatic diversion. But this procedure has become the most often used bariatric surgery in recent years due to the excellent weight loss witnessed thereafter and the procedure’s technical simplicity.

    Using a specialised laparoscopic stapler, almost 80% of the stomach is removed during the procedure. This makes the process quick and bloodless by stapling the stomach on both sides and cutting in between. The stomach’s initial 2000 cc volume is decreased to only 150–200 cc. The amount of food that can be eaten at one sitting is significantly decreased as a result.

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    Additionally, stomach removal lowers hunger hormone levels (ghrelin). This encourages early satiety and aids in weight loss. Additionally, once food is taken, the intestines move through it more quickly, releasing hormones that speed up metabolism and burn fat stores. Additionally to accelerating weight loss, this aids in the remission of metabolic illnesses including diabetes. For this operation, up to 70% of the excess weight loss over five years is anticipated. Although there is still a paucity of long-term evidence beyond this time frame, the preliminary findings appear encouraging.

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