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    Pre Operative Preparation for Weight Loss Surgery in Indore:

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    Consultation with the Bariatric Surgeon in Indore

    Before beginning any surgical operation, the patient often gives the bariatric surgeon a complete and detailed medical history. Prior to surgery, a morbidly obese person’s linked health conditions like diabetes, hypertension, sleep apnea, hormonal imbalances, infertility, etc. should be optimised. After speaking with the appropriate specialised doctors and reviewing the present medicine, this is done. In addition to the patient’s medical issues, the doctor must comprehend the patient’s nutrition and lifestyle in order to guide the patient in selecting the best course of action. The surgical treatment that is most appropriate for a given patient will be determined by a variety of additional characteristics, such as age, gender, motivation, level of physical activity, capacity to adhere to dietary supplements, and long-term follow-up.

    Dietary History and Nutritional Assessment

    The patient must disclose any dietary information, such as preferred foods, serving sizes, time, frequency, and intake of junk food and spicy foods. Patients are typically divided into two groups: volume eaters and grazers, who continuously consume tiny amounts of food (who take 1-2 large meals in the day). Specific problems including binge eating, depression eating, and sweet cravings must be checked out because they will affect the success of the surgery. The dietitian must account for any dietary deficiencies already present and make the necessary corrections. The patient is informed of the preoperative and postoperative diet regimens in order to help them realise the necessary adjustments that will ensure long-term compliance.

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      Psychological Evaluation

      Patients who are very obese may have underlying psychological issues that make them more prone to binge eating. Anxiety or a depressive disorder are frequently the underlying cause. Bariatric surgery is not necessarily contraindicated by this on its own, but the same should be investigated and handled properly. Additionally, these individuals frequently experience social prejudice and have low self-esteem. Before making this choice, they should have reasonable expectations for the procedure and be aware of all the dangers and potential long-term effects.


      Before the surgery, a series of tests are recommended to make sure there are no latent diseases present. These consist of:

      Before the Surgery: Dos and Don'ts

      Especially for patients with a BMI > 45–50 kg/m2 and fatty livers, a liquid diet for one week is recommended.
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