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    Post-operative Care after Bariatric Surgery Indore:

    Since general anaesthesia is used during bariatric surgery, the patient is completely unconscious throughout. Depending on the treatment, surgery might take anywhere from one to three hours to complete. After the procedure, the patient spends 2 to 6 hours in the recovery area before being transferred back to his or her room as soon as the situation is under control. The average length of stay in the hospital is 2-4 days.
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    During the procedure, there is no sense of any pain. There is discomfort right away, but it can be managed by administering certain injections. Over the following few hours, this pain progressively lessens, and patients typically have little to no pain 24 hours after the treatment. When patients are released from the hospital, they are given pills to assist them manage any discomfort they may feel at home.


    After surgery, patients are kept nil by mouth for the first 24 hours. A clear liquid diet is then started after that. They are initially told to drink only 30 to 50 cc of liquids per hour, taken in little doses. Gulping down liquids and using a straw should be avoided since they can lead to aerophagy, which can be uncomfortable and make you throw up. After three to five days of a clear liquid diet, all liquids are introduced and maintained for 15 days. Following this, a pureed and soft diet is consumed for one week each. 4-6 weeks after surgery, patients return to their regular diets, but they consume significantly less food.
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      Post operative Care After Bariatric Surgery Indore-Indore Laparoscopy Center

      Recovery and Work:

      Once they are released from the hospital, patients can resume their regular household duties. Most patients can resume their jobs a week after surgery. Following surgery, it is advised to walk and engage in gentle exercise. Heavy lifting and demanding activity are often postponed for a month.


      Patients typically need some protein and multivitamin supplements during the first 1-3 months of fast weight loss following the operation. Protein supplements are typically taken twice daily with water or milk and come in powder form. Depending on individual inclination, multivitamins can be taken as either syrups or capsules. Long-term supplements are not necessary with restrictive treatments like gastric banding and gastric sleeve. However, long-term supplementation with regular monitoring may be necessary for patients who have had malabsorptive surgeries like gastric bypass.

      Loss of Weight

      The weight loss following bariatric surgery is broken down into two phases: a brief, quick phase that lasts for two to three months, followed by a longer, progressive phase that lasts six to eight months. The quantity of weight lost will vary depending on the patient’s starting weight prior to surgery. In general, restrictive treatments cause a 60–80% reduction of extra weight, but malabsorptive/combined operations may cause a 70–90% loss of excess weight. Long-term weight maintenance is achieved, and multiple studies have demonstrated positive outcomes even 10 to 15 years following the treatment.

      Side Effects/Weakness

      Currently, bariatric surgery is quite safe and has a complication rate that is equal to or lower than that of any other major elective operation. The risk factors frequently vary by patient. Extremely obese patients who also have a number of other medical issues are at higher risk during the treatment and need special care. The majority of the acute problems are treatable with medicinal or surgical intervention. Risk of malnutrition or vitamin insufficiency is one of the long-term side effects, particularly in individuals who have had a malabsorptive or combination surgery. These individuals need ongoing care, periodic reviews of their food and nutrition, and maybe the need for supplements. In most cases, there is no weakness felt following the operation; rather, patients report feeling lighter and having a long-lasting sense of restored vitality.
      Post-Operative Care After Bariatric Surgery Indore-Indore Laparoscopy Center


      The patients are typically called a week following the treatment for the removal of the skin sutures before being discharged within 2-4 days. After then, they are instructed to check in after a month and then on occasion every three months for the following two years. A evaluation of the patients’ weight loss, food, activity, and lifestyle is done, and any necessary modifications are explained to them.

      Consult Dr. Achal Agrawal at Indore Laparoscopy Center for post operative care after bariatric surgery in Indore. 

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