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Dr Achal is a very knowledgeable bariatric surgeon.

Niharika Sharma

Dr Achal is not only one of the best Bariatric & GI Surgeon in Indore but a nice & awesome human being who understands the patients need and heal them. God bless.

Trupti Billore

Dr Achal is not only a bariatic Surgeon but a humble and nice human being. He brings his patient at ease and takes him through the toughest of the things by giving best counsel and remedy. His personalised care is outstanding.

Nihal Rajput

I was 151 kg when I first met Dr. Achal. Today, I proudly weigh 96 kg. I still have a long way to go, but I couldn't be happier with the choice he helped me make and carry out. Everyone in them treats you like family.

Varun Sharma

Dr Achal is one of the best Bariatric and Gastrointestinal surgeon and cares for overall wellbeing of his patients.

Rajat mishra

I weighed 142 kg, and my life was quite challenging. My family was under a lot of pressure to witness my misery. I then sought the advice of Dr. Achal, the top weight loss surgeon in Indore. My only option for losing weight was bariatric surgery, which was assisted by the entire staff at the Indore Laparoscopy Centre. I am able to sleep so well at night in just one week following surgery.


The experience was excellent, and Dr. Achal is a true gem. His entire team is likewise really polite and helpful. Regarding the procedure, I shed 17 kgs in just two months following the operation. The postoperative follow-up care is likewise excellent. When I look in the mirror, I feel lot more self-assured and positive.


The best surgeon for bariatric surgery is Dr. Achal, who absolutely transformed my husband's life. He had health issues that this surgery entirely resolved, and he is now enjoying his healthy body. I'd like to thank the doctor and his staff for being available around-the-clock to address any post-surgery questions. I would strongly advise to anyone who is dealing with weight because he is the finest at this.


Indore Laparoscopy Centre is the best hospital for bariatric surgery, Before my weight was 127kgs after surgery my weight is 108 kgs...